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Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

Quality & Sustainability

Quality & Sustainability

MSC Certification

Scotia Garden Seafood is dedicated to the sustainability and responsible management of our fisheries. MSC certified species includes:

  • Atlantic Herring
  • Nova Scotia Lobster

MSC CoC Certificate Code: MSC-C-54743.


Scotia Garden Seafood’s herring processing facilities are federally registered by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) according to the Fish Inspection Regulations. Our facilities follow Quality Management Program (QMP) plans which include Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) plans, and Export Certification Control Programs (ECCP) plans.

The CFIA and our Quality Control team conduct regular compliance verification activities of our facilities, ensuring product safety, quality and compliance with the Fish Inspection Regulations.

Plant Federal Registration Numbers: 1434 & 1436.

We are a member of the Herring Science Council (HSC) which is an industry funded body that is in place to promote and enhance herring science.


Our live lobster handling and holding facility follows the Nova Scotia Provincial Live Lobster Facilites Protocol which includes a HACCP plan. Our team is trained and certified on lobster quality and handling.

Fish Meal & Fish Oil

Scotia Garden Seafood’s fish by-product rendering facility is federally registered by the CFIA according to the Health of Animal Regulations. Our facility follows a QMP plan which includes a HACCP plan and is inspected regularly by the CFIA and our Quality Control team, ensuring product safety and quality.
All products and the facility are European Union (EU) certified.

Rendering Plant Operating Permit Number: 42N.